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A Transportation management system called TRUCKERS ABODE was developed after 8 years of diligent research and the combined efforts of technicians and subject matter experts. Provides software services for the transportation sector. An ERP for transportation available in Online and Offline Software Versions.

OFFLINE:Truckers Abode run offline at multiple systems in same network.

ONLINE: Truckers Abode provides accessibility at the multiple locations at the same time to manage the entire business.

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation industry, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency and streamline their operations. This is where fleet software, transport software, and logistics management solutions come into play to enable companies to optimize fleet management, improve logistics operations, and maximize overall productivity.

Our Modules

By improving your logistics operations, you can provide better customer service. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. With our logistics software, you can automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with logistics management. Fleet software and fleet management software provides comprehensive solutions for managing and monitoring fleets of vehicles. These software systems allow businesses to track and analyze important data points such as vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and maintenance schedules. By leveraging this information, fleet managers can make informed decisions regarding route planning, resource allocation, and preventive maintenance. With a centralized fleet management system, companies can optimize routes, minimize fuel costs, improve driver performance, and ultimately increase their operational efficiency.

Goods Receipts (GR, LR, Bilty)

One can easily add GR challan received from other transporter with a calculation of pre stored Katt / Commission rate

Stock Management

The Stock Management feature allows you to manage stock movements to other godowns.

Outward / Transit Challan

One can easily add GR’s with a single click selection with a calculation of pre stored Katt / Commission rate

Godown Management

Keep a real-time record of multiple Godowns, informs quantity of Booking / inward GR stock and dispatched / gate pass stock.

Vehicle Management

The Vehicle Management feature allows you to manage your fleet of vehicles efficiently with vehicle details

Financial accounts

Easily manages financial entries, Billing, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit Loss and Balance Sheet.

Inventory Management

Inventory is managed of Spare and Tyres in godown and used by Trucks.

Tracking Enquiry

Gives complete picture of relevant GR status, transit stations and destination gate pass across all branches.

Inward Challan

One can easily add GR challan received from other transporter with a calculation of pre stored Katt / Commission rate

GR Enquiry

This feature is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their booking and inward GR and readily informs the status i.e. GR is in stock or dispatched.

Door Delivery

After Gate pass are created, can be assigned to the door delivery vehicle. The charges for delivery can be calculated based on various calculation units such as the packet, weight or fixed.

Short & Access entry

Truckers abode provides a feature where transporters can track short & access of stock by making dispute, resolved and claim entries.

Consolidated E-way bill

Once the outward challan is generated, our software creates JSON file, which can be uploaded on the E-waybill portal to automatically create consolidated challan.

Management Information Reports

Gives reports on various aspects of your transportation business. Like revenue and expenses. This gives you an overall picture of trucking analysis.

Fleet / Lorry Hire memo

Maintains hired Truck with Supplier account for advances and balances. Also keeps details of challan in the fleet memo with Labor charges, Munsiyana, Toll charges etc.

Company, Branch Information

This feature of transportation software allows you to store and manage information about your company and its various branches. This can include details such as contact information, addresses.

Trip Management system

A trip sheet records the details of trip, this includes the trip start and end date, the origin and destination, route taken, Distance traveled, Driver's name, Vehicle's registration number, details of all expenses incurred during the trip, such as fuel, tolls, and other charges and credits i.e. Payments received.

New E-Bilty feature

Digital Bilty can be made and send immediately to consignor and consignee, hence no printout is required. E-Bilty can also be made with the E-way bill number, this further streamline and quickens Bilty making process.

Toll Tax Import Feature

Easily import Toll tax file, keeps a record and makes it easy to reconcile with bank.

Bilty to Bilty Management

Creates a new Bilty based on an existing Bilty issued by another transporter. Calculating previous freight and current freight respectively.

Gate Pass

It manages cash, rebate and credits of consignee based on pre decided rates according to packet or weight. Door delivery of gate pass can be managed with door delivery accounts.

E-way bill validity extension

Extend the validity of multiple e-way bills, trip sheets or consolidated E-way bill, saves time and effort.

Import Export in Tally

Now you can export and import all masters and day book data in tally.

Full Truck Load

That's designed for Transporters/Truckers who manage full truck loads. One of the evergreen benefits of technology is the ability to reduce costs.

Make GR via Ewaybill No

Now you can Make GR via Ewaybill Number.

Multi Branch Accouting

Now you can manage accounting for multiple branches of multiple users.

Application Variants

TRUCKERS ABODE is a Transportation software innovated after putting in 8 years of intense research and combined efforts from technicians and domain experts.

Our Guarantees

Truckers abode freight management software has been designed to meet the needs of freight forwarders of all sizes.

Ease Setup

Get started in a easily. Quik Installation of software and we collaborate closely with you from the very beginning to the go-live stage

Risk Free

Before making a commitment, we test System Configuration for smooth running of software in your own private environment.

Get Online Videos

Our Software Truckers Abode Video's are available on YouTube to easily understand work flow of every module.

Transparent Pricing

Minimal Software Installation Charges. No charges for first time Report Customization.

Free Superior Support

We achieve good rating for our quick and high-quality support. As we put our customers’satisfaction first.


   Goods Receipts (GR, LR, Bilty) Or ( Inward challan)
   Outward / Transit Challan Or (gatepass)
   Godown Management
   Tracing Enquiry
   Inward Challan or (GR Booking)
   GR Enquiry
   Management Information Reports
   Fleet / Lorry Hire memo
   Company, Branch Information
   Bilty to Bilty Management
   Gate Pass or (Outward Challan)
   Goods Receipts VIA Ewaybill(GR, LR, Bilty)
   Stock Management
   Vehicle Management
   Financial accounts
   Door Delivery
   Consolidated E-way bill
   Import Export in Tally
   Mobile Messaging
   Inventory Management
   Short & Access entry
   Trip Management system
   New E-Bilty feature
   Toll Tax Import Feature
   multi branch accounting report
   USERS 1 5 10 25
BRANCH WISE PRICE (Yearly) FREE 12000 25000 35000
Basic Customized Plan (Per Branch) Pricing
   Head Office (2 Users) 15000 Installation Time
   Branch (1 Users) 5000 Installation Time
   Server Cost Per Month 500
Add-Ons Features Pricing
   gr enuiqry & branch information app 15000
   ftl 20000
   api integration(whatsapp,sms,email) 10000
   admin dashboard 5000
   ewaybill extension module 10000
   own website and gr trcking 15000
   our domain gr tracking 10000
   attendance app/desktop(per person/month) 30
   automail scheduling 2000

Why Truckersabode

Truckers Abode, A Transport ERP specifically caters to the needs of trucking companies by providing tools to manage Bookings, Dispatch, Delivery etc.. operations effectively. Also allows Transpoters to assign routes, track drivers, monitor delivery status .
Fleet maintenance software is another critical component of effective fleet management. This software helps companies schedule and track vehicle maintenance tasks, manage repairs, and monitor the overall health of their fleet.

A highly cost effective solution at an affordable Price
Is a user-friendly software solution
Reduce manpower
The software offers various pre-built reports

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